The Story of Memorial Reef

Vision and Planning

The idea seemed almost crazy a first, to build an artificial reef that is also an art piece. But, that's how some of the best ideas start. With a design conceptualizing a futuristic Lost City of Atlantis, a small group dedicated to the idea began the process of engineering the site and seeking approval.

To gain permits, the art reef must withstand the strongest storm in a hundred years, at that time a category 4 hurricane. Before the permits were issued, along came Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane, necessitating another round of engineering, and, unfortunately, loss of many pieces that gave Atlantis its artistic flare.

The Neptune Memorial Reef™ meets the strict guidelines and permitting of the EPA, DERM, NOAA, Florida Fish and Wildlife and the Army Corps of Engineers. The Memorial Reef™ is also a member of the Green Burial Council, providing an ecologically-sensitive alternative to burial.

engineering the reef habitat

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