A Word to Define the Experience

What is Deployment?

The Memorial Reef™ is so unique, truly one-of-a-kind, that we need to reinvent words to define the experience. The Memorial Reef™ is part art, part ecological advancement, part memorial. When somebody joins the Reef, they become part of all three. We call that deployment.

Deployment to the Memorial Reef™

The Memorial Reef™ is a man-made reef designed to memorialize those who have passed. Cremated remains are joined with the very materials that create the Reef. Divers deploy a new piece to the Reef, marked by a memorial plaque bearing the name of the deceased along with dates or an epitaph. Families are welcome to participate in the process.

In this manner, a deceased person becomes part of the Reef itself, whether as part of a column or a starfish on the ocean floor. The Reef city allows you to choose among a number of locations for your Memorial, to choose the one that best fits the individual or family. Some families, for example, purchase an entire Reef column so that the family Memorials are together, much like a family might purchase a group of cemetery plots.

Why Do People Choose to Deploy to the Memorial Reef™?

  • To become part of something original
  • To be part of the circle of life in an intimate and meaningful way
  • For a permanent Memorial following cremation
  • To help counter reef destruction by contributing to a new Reef
  • To celebrate a love of the sea
  • As a green burial alternative


Create a unique underwater memorial that honors a life while contributing to something awe-inspiring.


Cremation and deployment to the Neptune Memorial Reef™ is a singular opportunity to improve the environment.


Visitors are welcome! The Memorial Reef ™ is free and accessible to all. Plan a visit today.