Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Can a cremation urn be placed at the Memorial Reef™?

No. The Memorial Reef™ is a memorial site, but not a cemetery. Cremation ashes are mixed with the material that forms the Reef and become part of this one-of-a-kind cremation memorial site. Discover becoming part of the Reef with deployment.

Is fishing allowed at the Memorial Reef™?

No. The Memorial Reef™ is an ecosystem that depends upon every component to function properly. Reef fish must be left alone to maintain the balance essential to success of the Reef.

Do you scatter ashes at the Memorial Reef™ site?

The Neptune Memorial Reef™ does not scatter ashes at the Memorial Reef™. We mix cremation ashes with the material that makes up the Reef to create new Reef features. We call this process deployment.

Can any crematorium perform the cremation?

Yes. The Neptune Memorial Reef™ accepts cremation ashes from any crematorium for deployment to the Memorial Reef™. The Neptune Memorial Reef™ offers affordable cremation plans for those looking for trusted cremation services.

How do I send you the cremated remains?

Cremated remains may be delivered in person, by the post office, or other shipper to our vault. Cremation ashes are stored in the vault pending deployment.

Can I participate in preparing the cremated remains for deployment?

Absolutely. When you call the Neptune Memorial Reef™ and make arrangements for deployment, simply let us know that you would like to participate in creating the Memorial Reef™ feature. We will confirm scheduling options at our Florida facility.

Can I/we join you for the deployment?
Of course. We welcome families to join us as we create a Memorial at the Memorial Reef™. You may observe from the boat or participate in the dive to the Reef. Deployment timing depends on staff schedule and weather conditions. Let us know your wishes when you contact the Neptune Memorial Reef™ to arrange deployment.
May I plan in advance for deployment?

At this time, we arrange deployments at the time of death or following death. Exceptions are made when a family member is deployed and the family wishes to reserve adjoining spots for family members.

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Create a unique underwater memorial that honors a life while contributing to something awe-inspiring.


Cremation and deployment to the Neptune Memorial Reef™ is a singular opportunity to improve the environment.


Visitors are welcome! The Memorial Reef ™ is free and accessible to all. Plan a visit today.