At Neptune Memorial Reef, we love our pets!  After all, they are family.  When pets cross the rainbow bridge, we keep their memory in our hearts forever.  Establishing a permanent memorial for our furry family members can create a lasting tribute to their life and your time spent together,

Paw Prints on our Hearts

Let us help you design a beautiful, eco-friendly pet memorial that not only honors their life, but also benefits our oceans and marine life. The reef is a unique underwater sanctuary and the only in existence for those choosing cremation with memorialization and believe in preserving our planet’s resources.

pet memorial


The bond between us and our pets is truly one of life’s joys.  They are always by our side giving a lifetime of unconditional love.

Your pet’s ashes can be molded into a memorial once cremation is completed or mixed with their pet parents’ ashes in the future. We can reserve placement spaces side-by-side for a pet and parents or reserve family estates in groups of 2, 4 or 6 spaces to accommodate multiple family members.

If a beloved pet has already been cremated, they can still be memorialized at the Neptune Memorial Reef.

pet cremation near me memorial for dog

Every pet memorial at the Reef is specifically mapped, so locating your fur baby’s memorial is always possible.  All pet memorial designs include an engraved copper memorial plaque.  Styles include marine life shapes such as starfish, octopus, stingray, dolphin, sea shell and many more. Your family is welcome to join us for the mixing and molding of the pet cremation memorial, as well as the voyage for the deployment. We also offer scattering of your pet’s ashes in open water at the Reef with permanent memorialization.

Creating Life, After Life 

Neptune Memorial Reef was created with a non-polluting process that perpetuates the active growth of coral and other marine life. The fish population alone has grown exponentially since the Reef’s inception. You can watch videos of the marine life and deployments on our YouTube Channel and TikTok.

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When your pet’s memorial is deployed, it becomes  part of the living reef and supports this vital ecosystem.  The Neptune Memorial Reef is the most prolific coral reef in Florida, both natural and artificial.  The Neptune Memorial Reef is a certified, environmentally sound project and meets the strict guidelines of Green Burial Council.