Cremation Planning

Cremation is chosen for:

  • Affordability
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility

With cremation, ashes may be inurned in a columbarium, buried, scattered or kept at a family member’s home. The Neptune Memorial Reef™ offers another option, a cremation memorial in one of the most fantastic undersea locations on Earth.

plan cremation


The mission of the Neptune Memorial Reef™ is to Create Life, After Life. Beyond a green burial choice, cremation and deployment to the Memorial Reef doesn’t just minimize negative environmental impact. It is a singular opportunity to improve the environment. Cremation ashes become part of a Reef feature; deployment expands the Reef itself.

The Neptune Memorial Reef™ offers an affordable alternative to traditional burial. The cost of cremation and a placement at the Reef is substantially less than the cost of a funeral and burial.

We can assist with pre-arranging your cremation as well. We offer a simple, affordable cremation that is easily arranged through our affiliate Neptune Memorial Reef Cremations. Our cremation and Reef package can be arranged simultaneously. This allows all of your final wishes to be arranged in advance so seamless coordination of the cremation and Reef placement process take place when the need arises.

Learn more about Neptune Memorial Reef Cremations by visiting our website.

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