A tribute as unique as a life


Only at the Neptune Memorial Reef™ can you create a unique underwater memorial that honors a life while contributing to something awe-inspiring. Whether you love the sea, wish to express individuality, or support the ecological mission of the Neptune Memorial Reef™, deployment to the Reef creates an exceptional Memorial.

In a design inspired by The Lost City of Atlantis, the structure of the Neptune Memorial Reef™ creates roads and central structures, along with benches, statuary, shells, and marine animals. In creating a memorial at the Reef, you choose the placement and nature of the memorial.

How much does it cost to be buried at Neptune Memorial Reef?

Your loved one might stand strong in one of the columns, contributing to the framework of the city. You might choose deployment to a bench that forms a fish habitat, or choose a marine placement, creating your memorial in the shape of a starfish or coral. Your choice honors the individuality of your family and loved one and the choice to be part of something special. Each memorial is marked with a copper memorial plaque View Memorial Options.