Deployment Process

A Reef memorial begins by mixing cremated remains with cement to create a new placement and then deploying that placement to the Reef. Though our contract allows for 1 year, deployments typically occur within 90 days of receipt of cremated remains. We offer cremation service through our affiliate Neptune Memorial Reef Cremations that creates seamless coordination of the cremation and reef placement process when the need arises.

  1. A sales agreement is made for deployment to the Neptune Memorial Reef™.
  2. Cremated ashes are stored in a heavy vault.
  3. The placement is created by mixing cremation ashes with cement then poured
    into a mold.

    Pouring cement

    Families are welcome to participate in the mixing and molding process to create the Reef placement. Small memories may be added as well. Families have added an angel, a $100 casino chip, notes, and even a mermaid bottle opener to the mix. Children have left handprints in the cement mold.

  4. The placement is protectively stored pending deployment. Deployment is scheduled in accordance with weather conditions, the diver’s schedule, and the family’s wish and availability to participate.
  5. Deployment: The placement is deployed to the Neptune Memorial Reef. The family is welcome to participate by observing from the boat, diving, and even, when safe and appropriate, participating in adding the placement to its final location within the Reef structure.
  6. A copper plaque with the name of the deceased, life dates and personal tribute is placed on the Reef feature.
  7. The family receives a completion certificate of the Memorial including the date and coordinates along with links to the memorial page and photos package.

    NMR completion image